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The Document Imaging business unit provides you with the broadest and deepest inventory line card that supports all of your printer, supplies, and scanner needs. The benefits of this strongest-in-industry stocking position is supported by Ingram Micro's best in class services that include ease of ordering, quick and accurate shipping, credit, pricing and the entire suite of additional value-adds that you require to be successful in your day to day imaging business.

On top of this tremendous standing product and services offering, Ingram Micro has created a pathway to success that will allow you to do more than just sell printers, supplies and scanners. The Document Imaging business unit has created a unique business model that allows you to increase your revenue and your profits through a Hardware-Supply-Content Management-Cloud based delivery system that allows you to treat each existing customer as a new opportunity for increased product and services revenue. This is the Managed Print Services offering that you can deploy to your customers.

This model also allows you to create a higher level of dependency with your customers and allows you to have a platform for expanding and increasing your Document Imaging customer count.

Supporting this model are a series market and business case structures that provide you with the resources and guidance you need to develop specific vertical and horizontal segments within your imaging practice.For more information on support and services that address everything ranging from your simple product needs all the way up to a highly evolved (but easy to ramp up and easy to sell) managed services and replenishment model, be sure to visit or call us today

Are you looking for more education around Document Imaging security, storage, common trends, and best practices?  Make sure you visit our Document Imaging Tech Solutions blog. 

Streamline and Save! Do your customers have printers? Do they buy toner? Then you can help them automate and save! Ingram Micro has program options for all kinds of resellers customized for your business. You have access to industry experts in MPS that are dedicated to your success. Our MPS team is your MPS team. MPS adds value to you current services offering and can help secure your customer base. Businesses are asking for MPS! Partner with Ingram Micro and we will do the heavy lifting and help your customers manage their print.


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The Ingram Micro Document Imaging Business Unit created this site to help our reseller partners identify key contacts, vendor promos, industry updates and white papers. Our Document Imaging Assessment and Configurator Tool allows resellers to walk through an end user opportunity and provide a real time Document Management solution recommendation.

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