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Managed Print Services

When it comes to managed print services (MPS), we're seeing a lot more interest and activity across the U.S. market and expect demand to grow rapidly. Whether it's a large corporation with a fleet of printers and copiers, or a small to midsize shop with a dedicated family of printers and a single copier, businesses of all sizes are feeling the pressure to optimize operations, reduce infrastructure costs and more effectively manage the business.

Taking advantage of MPS allows organizations to offload the entire imaging and printing process to a trusted third party and in return achieve greater operational efficiency, value and performance. MPS also provides an easier, proven way for businesses to manage and control costs, comply with industry regulations and mandates, and turn their focus to more strategic business IT needs.

What if you could offer valuable print services to your customers without the added expense or hassle associated with setting up your own offering? What if you could also establish a reliable source of ongoing revenue and increase customer entanglement at the same time? Ingram Micro's MPS program makes it easy with three SKUd service packs to choose from or select just our MPS Connect professional services:

Streamline and Save! Do your customers have printers? Do they buy toner? Then you can help them automate and save! Ingram Micro has program options for all kinds of resellers customized for your business. You have access to industry experts in MPS that are dedicated to your success. Our MPS team is your MPS team. MPS adds value to you current services offering and can help secure your customer base. Businesses are asking for MPS! Partner with Ingram Micro and we will do the heavy lifting and help your customers manage their print.

To see a sales guide for value added resellers click here to download the MPS Ebook.


Would you like to simplify and automate the supplies fulfillment process? Our Plus service is an easy way to get a quick start in MPS. Our intelligent algorithms monitor not only toner levels, but also printing behavior, so supplies are automatically shipped--just in time. Personalized routing labels ensure the toner is delivered directly to the desk of the employee who needs it, eliminating lost shipments and duplicate orders.

PRINT HAPPENS!!! Print happens but unfortunately, most businesses are printing as if its still the 20th century. Most companies do not know how much they spend on toner or even how many cartridges they are using over a particular period of time. As a result, organizations either stockpile toner in storage space that could be better utilized or even worse, find themselves running out in the middle of (surprise!) a critical print job. End those kinds of surprises once and for all, and bring your printing into the 21st century with Ingram Micros MPS PLUS program. PLUS has been designed to control how and when toner is ordered and save precious time and dollars.

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Are you looking for an all-inclusive cost per-page offering? This service includes automatic toner fulfillment as well as monitoring for routine maintenance and urgent repairs. You can either perform break/fix services yourself or call on qualified technicians to handle things for you. Toll-free help desk support is also available for your customers.

For more information please e-mail: or call 800-419-8990 .


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