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Determining all the costs for a cost-per-page model is difficult. It's a complex model and often, solution providers don't take into account all the factors like toner over-shipments, unexpected services or page-coverage changes that can affect the bottom line. What may seem profitable now can cause you to lose money long after the deal is done. With our offering, we've removed the guesswork for you. More important, we've removed all the risk, too.

Offer your customers the most comprehensive cost-per-page solution in the industry. Our MPS Advanced service includes automatic toner fulfillment as well as device monitoring for routine maintenance and urgent repairs. You can choose to perform the necessary break/fix services yourself, or outsource it to qualified service technicians. Toll-free help desk support is also available at no extra charge for your customers.

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What You Get

You can start selling MPS today without having to become a managed print services expert. With MPS Advanced, you simply buy/sell pages to get:

Unlike most cost-per-page offerings, you'll be taken out of the ordering process and given continual revenue streams, which include sticky, hard-to-cancel services that add value and increase customer entanglement.

The decision to order supplies is taken away from the customer and you get the recurring revenue benefit. With the order automation and service all-inclusive of toner supplies, consumable parts and shipping, it frees up your time to focus on core projects.

In our unique online portal, you can view all your customer information, including tracking individual customer orders and also view supply levels at each of your customer locations. And, we pay you--we can do all the billing for you automatically.

Our service monitoring software can let you know when service is needed on a device level. Based on our custom intelligent algorithms built into our behavior-modification software, you'll only be notified when a true break/fix service is needed. You don't have to assign anyone to monitor non-essential alerts again.

If providing break/fix services isn't your focus, we've got you covered for that, too. We have a network of certified print-service technicians that can you deploy instead, saving your engineers for more important projects.


What Your Customers Get

Our built-in monitoring service along with our intelligent behavior modification software can pinpoint inefficiencies in your customer's printer environments. With the data, you can help them save operational costs by identifying ways to reduce wasteful printing. More important, this service offers them a hands-off way to care for their all their printer fleets under one contract.

Your customers get to pay as they print with luxury and benefits of our MPS Plus program's just-in-time supplies service and the direct-to-printer routing label, plus access to our proactive help desk to triage potential service issues and discounted supplies.

With this service, they'll also have 24/7 access to a dedicated online portal to access information such as supply levels on the devices and track any order status.



Ingram Micro has a dedicated team of MPS experts ready to help you with your pre- and post-MPS needs. With every program offering, our professional services team will be there to assist you with the customer setup, ensuring a smooth service implementation. We'll also provide training to help you maximize the resources available to you and your customer. With MPS Advanced, you also get:

  • Collect
  • Replenish
  • Label
  • Monitor
  • Freight
  • Help
  • Fix
  • Parts
  • Control
  • Portal


Get Started

MPS is for everyone--businesses big and small. If you're a solution or managed services provider who's in the thick of MPS, just getting started or on the fence on whether or not to dive in, give us a call and let Ingram Micro help you enhance your existing service or establish a new practice. With average cost savings of up to 40%, the value proposition is an easy sell and gives a whole new meaning to the "printing money" phrase.

For more information e-mail: or call 800-419-8990 .

Contact us today, and you could be an MPS provider tomorrow.